Government Policy


●   We will make this country great again that will protect the whole nation and provide an assurance to the entire citizen.
●   We are going to create an active country that employs an honest, effective, democratic, and trustworthy government.
●   We will strengthen the undeveloped regions for the sake of the unity of the nation.
●   We are going to fix the system and law enforcement so that they become more reliable, dignified, and free from corruption.
●   We will boost the nation’s life quality.
●   We are going facilitate the growth of productivity among the citizen so that they are able to withstand the international market. Not to mention we will make them grow alongside with countries in Asia region.
●   We aim for an independent economy by focusing on important local sectors.
●   We are aiming for a nation’s character revolution.
●   We will strengthen the nation’s social restoration using the unity in diversity.




1. Immigration Acts of Constitution no. 6/2011
2. Government Regulation of Immigration Acts
3. Presidential Decree no. 31/1998 of Senior Foreign Tourists’ Forbearance
4. Indonesian Judiciary Ministerial Decree No: 04.Iz.O1.02 / 1998 of Immigration Permit and Visa for Senior Tourists
5. The Decree of Ministry of Justice and Human Rights no: M.07.Iz.02 / 2006 regarding the changes of Judiciary Ministerial Decree no: M.04-iz.01.02 / 1998 of the Immigration Permit and Visa for Senior Tourists
6. Director General of Immigration’s Instruction no: F.492-UM.01.10 / 2002 regarding the Immigration Permit and Visa for Senior Tourists



An immigration process is the procedure of people’s movement from and to Indonesian country under the supervision of the government for the sake of nation’s unity.

Immigration acts no: 6 / 2011, article 1 point 1


2. The immigration permit and visa application should be done personally at the Indonesian Elderly Travel Agency or its representations abroad.
3. The senior visitor’s Visa can be published by the head of Indonesian representation abroad.
4. The extension of senior tourists’ temporary stay authority and Visa are given by the head of Immigration office or the representative officials abroad.
5. The senior tourists’ Visa can be converted into a temporary stay permit by the authorization of the Director General of Immigration or its representative officials.
6. The senior tourists’ temporary stay permit can be converted into a permanent stay permit either by the authorization of the Director General of Immigration or its representative officials.




Here are the backgrounds of the exceptional immigration policy towards foreign senior tourists:

●   It’s one of the government’s efforts to improve their tourism sector as the best source of foreign exchange.
●   A group of foreign senior tourists from a specific country has a significant economic potential. The government needs to entice these people to spend their old life in some tourism regions in Indonesia. Due to this reason, the government needs to provide exceptional policies towards them.
●   One of the special policies is the temporary stay permit that is valid for 1 year. It’s extendable up to 5 times, though.
●   They can live in a specific tourism region, but they aren’t allowed to work or earn money. Not to mention they aren’t permitted to open for a business.
●   They are under the supervision of Indonesian tourism agency with a special authorization of the Tourism, Arts, and Culture Ministry.